Catching up with ‘many things’ (12-19, in fact!)

So, real life has intervened and I have been madly busy recently, neglecting the recording of my ’23 Things’ development! Having said that, I was engaged with lots of ‘things’ I would not have discovered if I hadn’t been part of this…

I attended the PhD By Design conference at Goldsmiths, London – all about the ‘messy business’ of practice based PhD research – and tweeted throughout the 2 days. I found this a really useful way to try and capture key moments in each day and used Storify to reflect on the whole: PhD By Design
Tweeting this enabled me to follow and be followed by a wide range of people who were either interested or attended and Sum All allowed me to track this as my most ‘successful’ week in online participation.
I also used Prezi (Thing 15) to give my first significant presentation outside my own HEI as part of the proceedings: ‘Wellbeing in the personal identity and collaborative communities of yarn-based craftswomen’

Through picking up the details on Twitter, I also gained a place on the Arts and Humanities Research Council ‘Crowd-sourcing the Anniversary’ workshop at the Digital Humanities Hub at The University of Birmingham. This was a really exciting day where 50 Post Grad and Early Career Researchers explored the values of the AHRC, shared projects which had supported these values (like the British Library crowd-sourced ‘Geo-referencing‘ mapping project) and then pitched ideas for the 2015 anniversary activities as well as other projects which could develop in the future. I used Storify again as a personal reflection tool and to draw together ideas shared especially in the group I was working with: #AHRC10
You can follow the progress of the project using #AHRC10 (Bonus Thing week 5).

There are other elements over the past week or so which I haven’t explored: Podcasts (‘vlogging’, anyone?) scare the b’jesus out of me and I am programmed from teaching for so long that Wikipedia is in fact ‘wrong-ipedia’. I am similarly scared of data visualisations, but have begun to play with some different software and sites where I can be mildly more interesting than Excel pie-charts when the need arises.

Happily, using and annotating through Refworks, Creative Commons and blogging / tweeting / posting about links are things that I have already started to play with as part of the ’23 Things’ programme. Does that mean I am assimilating these digital tools? Hope so…