23 things for research?

The launch of ’23 things for research’ is just under a week away. Earlier today, I had my introductory seminar with a range of PhD students in Art & Design and for the first time I felt out of my depth – a real ‘newbie’. Admittedly, most students were well underway with their research – some in the process of writing up in their final 8 months or so – but the complexity of their topics was a little scary.

However, talk about what we wanted to cover in our seminar sessions touched on much of what I want to gain from the ’23 things’ programme: structuring writing, effective reading (when is it enough?) and the ethics of researching in connection with social media.

In addition, I was aware of differences in my planned research, compared to either a traditional Fine Art approach or an experimental, practice-based PhD. I am interested in practice-led research, focusing on co-design and emphasising the experience of participants rather than a final product which has notions of quality or value attached to it.

Much to learn – and very excited…


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